Rezenerate Skin Treatment



The Rezenerate Skin Treatment is a revolutionary, non-invasive & pain-free skin treatment that restores a more youthful radiance to your skin’s appearance. Utilising state-of-the-are nano-technology, this invigorating treatment uses the Rezenerate wand to help separate dead cells from the skin’s surface. This improves the skin’s ability to more easily absorb applied serums thus increasing the effectiveness of the facial. The Rezenerate Skin Treatment immediately delivers a more hydrated, smoother & tighter skin whilst activating cell repair and renewal.

Suggested Inclusions

Age Defy Diamond Microdermabrasion

Age Defy Diamond Microdermabrasion

Dull, lifeless skin is visibly improved with this results-oriented treatment. It’s completely painless & perfect to minimise the appearance of fine lines, unwanted pigmentation, sun-damage, enlarged pores, blackheads & rough skin texture.

Skin Peels and Cosmeceutical Facials

Skin Peels and Cosmeceutical Facials

Designed for those looking for a more results driven facial. Our cosmeceutical ingredients and peels support the skin in rejuvenation, whilst strengthening and increasing circulation. They improve skin texture and elasticity, can heal acne and congestion, lighten skin discolouration, repair sun damage, help to hydrate, soften the skin and lines/wrinkles. 

Whether a light peel to refresh the skin is needed or a deeper peel for more stubborn skin conditions, our peels are affordable and effective and will suit most skin types and conditions. Through a thorough consultation with your therapist the right peel and home care treatment plan will be determined for your skin. 

Glow & Go LED Skin Treatment

LED Skin Treatment

LED is a non-invasive & soothing skin treatment that immediately makes your skin feel tighter & appear more alive due to increased circulation & moisture. Our red LED promotes collagen and elastin production so you will notice a healthy glow & skin improvement with no down time. Our blue LED is excellent for treating acne. 

We recommend one treatment a week for ten weeks to achieve best results.